Walking along the river, Rene finds a real catch, Jim. Making sure he's okay, Rene sticks his tongue down the boy's throat, to clear any obstructions; don't worry, there will be "obstacles to cum." Checking out Jim's package, it's lucky he wasn't in cold water, as "lifesaving" soon turns to sucking for these two SDBoy.com "swimmers." Lucky to be alive, Jim shares his gratitude, and his hole. Pulling out his thick cock, Rene again checks Jim's throat, this time with his "bobber." Swallowing one another is only the beginning of this pairing, as Rene will top Jim, right there on the river; told you this was quite a "haul." With a 69 and dine, the camera gets in close. Doing some careful maneuvering, Rene checks out Jim’s hole, first with his tongue, then with his "lure."
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