"Ass-erting" himself, Roby slides in and fucks Jim fully; from below, the "tight" shot shows why both boys are moaning. Using his hips to get every crevasse, the top takes his time and enjoys his "hole" completely. Repositioning to a missionary style, the bottom can see all of Roby's "hard" muscles working. Helping, Jim spreads his cheeks; such a helpful bottom. Close, Jim blows all over his stomach, with Roby pumping hard. Both stop for a taste of the protein; damn, no wonder the boys are so fit. Licking each other off, it's then Roby's turn to add his "shake" to the mix. Going on his knees, Jim receives an extra-large dose of jizz, sucking every drop. Snowballing the hell out of their "hard work," I don't think these two are going to stop, ever.
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